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Why do students study abroad: Beneficial or not?

July 14, 2017

The recent statistical surveys based on data acquired from studying the OMR pattern, will tell even a layman the increasing trend among Indian Students since 2013. More and more students after graduation or after post graduation are looking for universities overseas to either complete their Masters or PhDs respectively after people have begun realizing the benefits of studying abroad. With over a 25% increase from the year 2013-14 alone, it’s become a matter of importance to know about these phenomena and why has it taken the Indian Education Scenario by a storm.

Studying abroad may be due to a varying amount of reasons but in order to understand them, one would have to evaluate the benefits of studying abroad, if any. Parents of children willing to study abroad are always faced with the fear of their child’s safety, if they will be able to finance the study trip and if it will actually prove to be beneficial for their child in the end. Now, with more and more students travelling abroad, reading their testimonials and success stories, all such questions are being slowly but eventually getting debunked.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

  •  Students living happily, well integrated into the culture of the country they are visiting to study their masters or more are a testament to the fear that student’s have any risk or security issue when studying abroad. Furthermore, education consultants make sure that the student gets placed into the safest of living conditions in the host country.
  • Finance used to be a very big reason why many students were iffy about wanting to commit to studying abroad, since they were afraid that their parents won’t be able to afford their education and stay. However, nowadays, the loan schemes readily available to the students from Banks and trusts with very reasonable EMIs are a monumental reason as to why students have begun to stop fearing financial aspects of their study trip. This is an important aspect out of all the benefits of studying abroad since the students may also receive a scholarship which further helps them financially.
  • Many student educations consult and support agencies for instance, IEC abroad, are the reason why students are confident with the career path they choose along with the course. Such agencies have the some of the best trained professionals who help students realize their strengths and which career path is more viable than any other. This advice is then reflected in the testimonials they often give showering thanks to their consultants and later get talked about as success stories.
  • International degrees are often of more value in the Indian Market than degrees from similar institutions in the country. This is an added bonus to the fact that apart from all the benefits of studying abroad, they also have a lower job security risk as compared to others.

Apart from all these benefits of studying abroad, the students further get to know about the culture of the host country, roam a new country they may not have gone to, or explored before. All these benefits are just the tip of the iceberg as to why students are opting to study abroad more and more these days and why it’s not just a trend, but a phenomenon grounded in facts and action.