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If you are planing to study abroad, one of the most asked questions is about your language proficiency. It’s a reasonable question – after all, you are going to study in a country entirely different from yours and the language is not the same. Most of the English speaking countries will ask you to choose any one of the following standardised exams to measure your English proficiency.

All of these exams are for English proficiency testing, how proficient you are to work or study in country where the main language for communicating is English. Also you can take this test to know your personal level of English.

Also by taking any of these exams, you produce the proof of your command over the English language. If you willing to study in the UK, then the UKVI IELTS is best suited and subsequently TOEFL is more relevant to take if you are looking for US universities. Many UK universities do not accept TOEFL.

Finally, scoring well in a standardised test isn’t a natural skill, and your final result rests upon many factors e.g. time management. You need a guide to monitor your specific positives and negatives while attempting the test. Your weaknesses are as important as your strengths are.

Moreover, apart from that result also rests upon the marking criteria. If you don’t know what is tested, then certainly it’s hard to get a good score in the exam.

Our guidance on the above standardized exam can benefit you in many ways. You can also study with us online, if you don’t find time to come or if your are located far off.

We can also help you booking your test date as well without any hassle. To check the availability of the dates visit here.

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