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Welcome to IEC ABROAD Chennai, your university advice specialists. We can help you find a place at a university that is right for you.

We understand that each student is different. We will find the best academic route for you and ensure that your transition to higher education is smooth, simple and enjoyable.

We will guide you through all stages of the application process - and because we understand adapting to a new country can be challenging, our our consultants are here to help.

UK Abroad Education Consultants/Specialist in Chennai

There are multiple benefits of Studying abroad. Studying abroad is considered a defining element to any student’s undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The foreign Universities provide students with that necessary structure required to acquire skills to get jobs in the reputed MNCs around the world.

The Universities and colleges in the US, UK, Australia and Canada like countries make a student able to work with the people belonging to different Cultural backgrounds. Abroad education can be really invaluable to your ward’s future career in the competitive job market. Since the abroad education can really make up your future, therefore, you need to consult the highly experienced education specialists who are aware of the admission procedure, lifestyle, best universities, and best courses of the abroad.

There are abroad education consultants in almost every State of India. They have so far helped thousands of Students by providing timely and right education solutions to them. If you are based in Chennai, you need to get in touch with the top education specialists who provide abroad education counseling in Chennai.

First of all, we will tell you who the abroad education consultants in Chennai are. The US, Australia, Canada or UK Education Consultants are the people who have an ample knowledge on various education and career opportunities. They provide students solutions by identifying their needs. They even help a student to customize and design master career opportunities. Education specialists provide students right education solutions by utilizing their contacts and expertise. Before you plan to go to abroad for studies, make sure to attend abroad education counseling in Chennai.

You will need Study abroad specialist in Chennai because he/she acts as a bridge between you and your education destination. Abroad Education Consultants lend a vision to students who harbour hopes of studying in faraway places. They can explain to the student the cultural difference that he/she expects to come in his/her way. They prepare them better for adjusting in that culture.

  • Education specialists utilize their knowledge about career opportunities to help students make informed decisions. They help you in other practical things like how to save you money by availing bursaries and scholarships. They give you a slice of international student life before you make it to a foreign university.
  • Education specialists guide you step by step in emergency situations. They work like as your guardians when a student is new to a country. They contact the guardians of students under unexpected situations like flight cancellation, sickness or war etc.
  • They educate students about what they should and should not do when it comes to academic emergencies like lagging behind in course progress, cancellation of enrollment at the last minute. And what can a student do during an emergency situation to return home country temporarily?
  • There are certain deadlines that a student needs to follow but in case a deadline is past, a student needs to follow a certain procedure to renew the date of Visa or a Course intake date.
  • Visa is a primary requirement to travel abroad and if the student fails to renew visa on time that can lead to a complicated situation for him/her. Here comes the role of a Study Abroad specialist into play. He/she play a crucial advisory role to ensure that the student doesn’t face any trouble in critical situations like this.
The personal touch of an Abroad University Specialist in preparing you for the interview with Universities and immigration authorities really boosts your confidence.

The passion and goal of IEC Abroad is to guide students for studying abroad. We utilize all of our resources to ensure students find the course of their desire to study in UK and other prestigious universities of the world that best suits their interests. Our head office is in central Manchester England. In addition, we have our offices in Chennai India, Jeddah, Riyadh and Bangkok. We have a team of world class knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced abroad education Specialists. Our abroad University specialist is just like your personal guide who ensures at every step you don’t face any inconvenience when you plan to study abroad.

In India, you can contact our Study Abroad Specialist in Chennai anytime online, via phone, fax or even face to face if possible for you. Utilizing their sea of knowledge and years of experience in studying abroad, our specialists devotes complete attention on finding a right program and placement for you. Our specialist in Chennai will be with you right from the time you consult us and until you sit in a classroom of some prestigious college or the University of UK. You can ask them a multitude of questions. They will answer all of your questions along the way.

We came into existence in the year 2012 and since then we have placed thousands of students in the world’s most renowned Universities and colleges. IEC Abroad has travel links all across the world. Our head office is in central Manchester England. In addition, we have our offices in Chennai India, Jeddah, Riyadh and Bangkok. We aim to provide students current, innovative and comprehensive services based on their age, needs, experience and background. Our Abroad university specialist provides students a most relevant, effective, honest and compassionate guidance to ensure they get admission in World’s prestigious institutes.

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Application Process

Step 1

Contact IEC Abroad

You may ring us, send your query via email or visit physically to any of our offices.

Step 2

Speak to a Consultant

We provide personal education consultant to every individual, let them know what all you want to know and they would provide solution to your every single query.

Step 3

Consultant Suggests University

Once our consultants understand your needs and requirements, they would get back to you and suggest best universities as per your conditions and eligibility criteria.

Step 4

IEC Submits Application

Once we receive all required documents from your side, we would apply for the application on your behalf.

Step 5

Receive Offer!

IEC Abroad fulfilled my dream of studying in the foreign country and helped me to get Visa and admission in the top university of abroad. I am extremely grateful to IEC Abroad.


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